ETA for receiving min tokens after farming

I suggest that the website informs the approx ETA for min token transfer before you harvest. The information could be presented on a tooltip box, activated when you hover on the “harvest” button, similar to how APR is presented. The calculation for the ETA could be based on the length of the harvest queue and the current transaction time.

It will give users some peace of mind, set their expectations correctly, and prevent them from flooding Discord with questions about “When will my min tokens arrive? I harvested one hour ago!”


This is not something we have a clear insight to. Imagine promising 2 hrs and it takes 20. Would be great to have it though!

Hi Attila, I am not aware of the inner workings of Minswap, but other sites that implement token distributions, like Dripdropz, provide an estimate like “There are 50 drops in the queue at the moment. We estimate that it will take between 120 and 300 minutes for you to receive your tokens.” or something like that.

Some people expect their tokens to arrive in 2 minutes, like a transfer between accounts. They have no clue how a queued system works, and then complain on Discord or Twitter.

This will not have any impact on the operation of the site, only on user experience. So, I agree that it would be in the “nice to have” category and not the “we must implement this”.

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I thought this was a new issue, because of the security update.