Give Minswap NFTs a utility

Minswap NFTs have been around since a few months but there is still no announcement about anything you can do with them. My proposal is to give the owners the ability to stake them to earn yields, in ADA or MIN/MINT, or maybe they could be used to partecipate in the launchpools

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They might also be used to boost yields in liquidity mining


That would be awesome! One of our partners (VyFi) does that allready and their community loves it.


Would be cool to see the NFTs provide Yield Farming boosts tied to Cardano wallet address that holds them.


Where can we get these NFTs? I completely missed it

This is their discord server: Minswap NFTs
I think there are still some left from the main sale, you can buy them also on secondary markets for lower price (mint is 60 ADA), jpeg store: Minswap Founders Collection NFTs | JPG Store CNFT.IO | Cardano's Biggest NFT Marketplace
Consider that right now they have no utility and they are simply Minswap mascot NFTs

Vyfi has a NFT staking and it has proven to be a game changer with the community and it encourages long term hodlers.

I think it would attract a bigger crowd being creative like that. There’s many plain Jane Dexs let’s stand out. With this simple feature.