Hold off on Week 1 Yield Farm Rebalancing

I know it already seems like a done deal… but I believe we should hold off on the Week 1 Yield Farming proposal. We don’t yet have enough data or volume across the board to warrant such a decision. I think it should be postponed by at least 1 week if not after 1 month. Should be done Bi-Weekly or Monthly in the future.

  • Agreed, delay these rebalancing changes.
  • No, proceed forward with rebalancing changes.

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For reference… here’s the Week 1 Rebalance Proposal.

Although I don’t completely agree with the rebalancing proposal, the changes are not significant enough to warrant a “hold-off”. Furthermore, this isn’t likely to be the last time the rewards are adjusted.


it was well known and well stated that the aprs will change after the first week. That is also included in the announcement of the first yield farm rewards and how they should be given. Creating a poll in contrast of another poll and in contrast of what is allready decided and announced be the team is something everyone has the right to do so, still any poll in this forum is giving opinion and is not biding in desition making and this should be clear. Us, the farmer commitee and the forum, are here to support the team by giving our thoughts and opinions but it is their rolle to decide until the on chain governance votes can take place (dao)

I know this didn’t end up getting changed, is there any plan on doing this still?