I put in 3000 ADA in the Min farm. Upon harvesting it said my slippage was at 68% negative for ADA and 98.4% for Min. Why can't I get the same # of Cardano as I put in? Seems like a scam with these LP tokens. Are the LP tokens continuously minted ? WtF

Not what I expected to be my impermanent loss. Fooled by AI and Minswap? Why are there no discussions about this? Are you deleting all the inquiries on this subject? It seems to me that 1 ADA put in should equal 1 ADA out. That’s how it works on Pancake swap. Wtf? That means to swap 1.55 billion LP tokens is worth $1.25 in Min tokens and $125 in Cardano that is after harvesting 25% of my holdings. 25% of my Cardano should be 750ADA valued at about $450. Are stealing all liquidity through endless minting of LP tokens? Why is there no information on this? Is there a graph that tells the price of LP tokens or that your dirty little secret? 750 ADA turned into 83 in one month! That’s theft!

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