Incentivized Liquidity Pairs proposals

As there is already a discution in place I think that is time to make official proposal ( or a bounch of them) .
My point of view :

The more coins that are given yield farming rewards the less the rewards for everyone or the more the inflation in the coin and we have to keep this in mind.

Giving hosky or projects that have not yet proven themselves yield farm opportunities will just cause problems for us unless those motives are in fact non existent, low percentages etc etc.
There are establishes projects out there with their own communities that have proven them selves and that have no other option in farming or their only choice is sundae.

This is why I propose the following projects :
1)Meld .
Meld has a really big audience out there that can only lock their tokens for 6 or 12 months if they want to see some rewards and have no option in yield farming. That is a great selling point.
2) WMT
WMT is a serious project with a strong team. Moreover WMT is a coin that is stadily raising in value in comparision with ada giving extra profit in yield farming in comparison with projects that the previous time have the dentensy to keep having lower value compared to ada.
Dana is a catchy project, they are doing their ispo right now and are getting a lot of publicity. Also there are a lot of coins in circilation due to their public sale realese every month but there is no place for those people to yield farm

From now we need to think like a business, a people’s business but a business never the less.
We need to give yield to strong projects that will lure their communities toward us and if possible remove them from competitors.


I would say WMT, Liqwid, Meld, and perhaps Pavia as they have a huge community and could bring many users to the Dex.


Yes, I would definitely add Liqwid to the list. One thing I’m unsure about is if yield farming will be enabled from the get-go.


Meld has so many tokens already locked up, pavia is very popular within cardano community but has no use for the token yet since the airdrop. YF would be attractive for a lot of HODLers

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Well Meld allready distributed about 1 billion tokens, in fact more nowadays. in the meld protocol are locked about 400 million so there are plenty more to go arround :stuck_out_tongue: . This is why meld has so much selling pressure.

Also about LQ, I do not think that any LQ holder will stick to this project as soon as their protocol starts. That is because LQ will have a mich higher yield farm reward than minswap. So there is a chance of draining in liquidity in the long run by giving yield farm rewards in that pair.

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