Increase TVL on iBTC

Hello Minswap community,

I am what would likely be consided an ADA and MIN whale. (Around 2.5million ada including the MIN). I have a complaint. Ive noticed that Indigo has been growing rapidly and I wanted to try it out. I noticed that one could open a leveraged short against BTC by minting iBTC and then selling it on the open market.

My issue is the liquidity (due to the very low TVL) is terrible. I have to trade 0.01 iBTC at a time and even that has had problems with slippage.

My proposal is to somehow incentivize a minimum tvl. Perhaps giving an advantage in min rewards (that expires) to first money in (which they have to lock their capital up to recieve). This is the second biggest project on cardano and it is frustrating to not be able to use it properly. I honestly dont care how its done, I just want tvl around 3 million at a minimum.