Ledger connecto to wallet on Index 1 but I dont have one

Hello , Minswap gang hope you can help me out.
My problem is that when I did connect my ledger to minswap it asked me about my
account index “I have no idea but i wrote the number 1” I have some ada there but its not in my ledger. When I connect with my ledger and asks me which index to choose and i don’t type any number I can see the ada in my ledger.

My question is here how to get the ada from index 1 of the ledger to my other ada.
I have no idea and I can see any send or receive option in the dapp.

Hope somebody could help
Thank you in adnvacen and sorry for my poor grammar .

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Hey, thx for the fast response . I actually just solved my issue i just created another ada wallet in the ledger and the ada poped up thank you

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