MIN Farm + cPIGGY Token Farm

Hello Minswap!

We are cPIGGY, the token that combines traditional financial markets with the new financial capabilities of the blockchain.

We generate value for cPIGGY holders by investing in volatility-based financial products and creating revenue from the blockchain.

Profits are shared with the holders through our designed cPIGGY buy-back and burn system.

Our mission is to bring to Cardano blockchain an asset that has a continuous and sustainable price increase in the mid-long term.

We work with the vision that in the future cPIGGY becomes an indispensable token for any participant in the Cardano ecosystem.

Our company, Epsilon DeFi MB is registered in Lithuania, and we are working under EU regulation.

We are a CNT with a strong founding team from Lithuania and Vietnam, with experience in leading roles in different Start-ups.

Mutual benefits for having cPIGGY farm:

We have a highly engaged Spanish-speaking community and we are using Minswap as our main DEX, also is where we hold most of our liquidity and we would like to have access to farming with MIN Farm + cPIGGY Token Farm.

Our goal is to keep building our pool to have a minimum amount of 1 million TVL

We have far exceeded the minimum TVL requirements of minimum 100k ₳ for a period of at least 1 month

Token data

No ICO or any similar distribution and fundraising structure has been carried out to fund the project, project was fully funded by the founders. All investors in the project are by direct investment in the market

Max Supply: 10M

Circulating Supply (Taptools): 10M

TVL (Minswap+VyFi): 318.25k ₳ (02-08-2023)

Volume July (Minswap): >2M ₳

25% of tokens are locked until we surpass 1₳

Initial tokenomics of cPIGGY: 70% locked in Minswap, 25% treasury, 5% team.


Litepaper & Whitepaper: https://www.piggytoken.net/white-paper

Website: https://www.piggytoken.net/

Token presentation by the founder: https://youtu.be/HtwJH4mV2Nk

Policy Id: 0c3b14ddb319c5a50bfd93e69d0706d1527e2b2169744665a1c534d0


Discord: cPIGGY Bank Token

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cPIGGY_Token

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cPIGGY_Token

Should cPIGGY have a MIN Farm?

  • Yes, in favor :smile:
  • No, do not add this Farm :frowning:
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Are you related to Piggy token? what happened to Piggy token?

Hi Degas!

I think I understand what you mean. We minted that token and ask Cardano Foundation about registering it, but in the end we agreed to call it cPIGGY token because theres was other assets using similar names.

This information is available on Github.

I’m not sure but I guess it’s what you were asking. Best Regards.

Good Luck for this project!


I think it refers to piggy which was another meme token, nothing to do with cpiggy. :space_invader:


I stake the cardano pool https://cardapool.com , is it possible to receive airdrops in it from cpiggy?