MIN staking rewards question

Hello, I have been staking MIN since it became available. Now I am a bit confused about some numbers I am getting. As I understood ADA rewards are from Minswaps trading fees, so the logic tells me that if the amount of MIN staked is not increasing and the volume is then I should be getting more of the rewards not less. And in the last few days, MIN staked is the same, around 28% but the rewards have gone down even tho trading Volume has tripled in the last 2-3 days. Can someone explain to me what I am missing?

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I think the reward distribution is lagging by one month.

Hmm, but should it be written somewhere if that’s the case? Also don’t see the reason to have delay if you know your daily volume you can easily calculate rewards.

They explained the staking stuff a while back. $MIN Staking. TLDR: $MIN Staking will commence on… | by Minswap Labs | Medium