Minswap Catalyst Improvement Proposal Poll

Minswap Catalyst Improvement Proposal

The current strategy for Minswap LPs to vote on Catalyst Proposalsconsists of a group of community volunteers that filter all Catalyst Proposals into a List of Top 50 Proposals according to a series of criteria (like prioritize open-source). Then, MIN holders choose the Top 20 amongst that List and those get voted.

This proposal suggests a new avenue for Proposals to make it to the Top 50 List based on their level of support of certain projects within the community, as well as metrics related to Minswap, such as Total Value Locked and trading volumes.

In short, this avenue will rank Proposals based on a formula that combines two types of metrics. Qualitative metrics, measured as engagement metrics from a promotional tweet campaign (participants can be anyone with a Catalyst Proposal) and quantitative metrics: measured as Total Value Locked and trading Volume.

More details around weightage, bot activity mitigation, the Education Initiative and the benefits of this approach can be found in the Proposal.

By voting affirmatively, the DAO will:

  • Increase the range of proposals filtered and presented to the DAO to between 50 and 65 (50 from the original process and up to 15 from this initiative).
  • Enable voters to select 30 proposals, an increase from the current 20.
  • Determine the Scope of Work and approve the compensation package outlined in the Proposal to remunerate volunteers for their contributions to any given fund.
  • Implement this mechanism for Fund 12 and all subsequent funds.
  • Authorize the Catalyst Review Committee to add members (detailed description in the Proposal) for future funds and appoint replacement volunteers should current members opt to withdraw or take a hiatus for a fund.

Please be advised that this enhancement represents an independent initiative, designed to complement the existing catalyst review framework based on broader community feedback. It is not intended to serve as a replacement, nor does it alter the current selection process of 50 proposals for consideration by the Minswap DAO.

Should this proposal be put forth for an on-chain vote?
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