MINt boosted farming not shown in 'Farm' tab

In the ‘Farm’ tab I see zero staked LP tokens. In the ‘MINt’ tab there is an ‘Unstake’ button, so I guess I did it right. It would be great to see it under ‘Farm’ (or see the estimated APY and earned tokens anywhere).

In the past I once provided liquidity and forgot to hit the ‘stake’ button, that’s why I am a bit paranoid now to check that everything is always correctly staked.

Are there plans to add this?

I think that info “Pending MIN reward: xx.xxxxxx” is OK for me.

It should show what you have staked in the bottom right corner of the window when on the MINt tab. Use the drop down arrow to expand “Your Locked LP Tokens” to see the stats for the position. Hope this helps.

It doesn’t look like the “Pending MIN reward: xx.xxxxx” includes the boosted amount. Can someone confirm please? Thank you.

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Yes, I feel like I’m getting less min tokens then I was getting when I was just farming…