MINt LQ pairs and lockup suggestions

I like the MINt idea along with regular MIN. I believe the current idea for MINt is as follows: On 14APR we will be able to provide Liquidity with several ???/ADA pairs then take those LP Tokens and along with N(number) of MINt tokens we will be able to stake those for Yield Farming. When we stake the LP + MINt we will start a 45 day clock, where, at the end of 45 days, if we have left the LP tokens staked along with the MINt we can reclaim our LP tokens and we will get a (assuming here) smart contract(?) vesting schedule of MIN tokens, in the same amount as the # of MINt tokens we staked.
For example we stake 25000MELD/5000ADA as a LQ pair, that gets us 12,500,000,000 LP Tokens. We take those 12,500,000,000 LP + 20,000 MINt and stake that in Yield Farming for a boosted YF APY and we leave it there for 45 days. Then, at the end of 45days, we reclaim our 12,500,000,000 LP and our MINt has been burned, but we have a (crypto contract vehicle of some sort) that tells us we now have 20,000MIN vesting over 45days, and 444.5 MIN tokens will ‘appear’ in our ‘acct’ under FARM on the site.
I propose to firm up some of the unknowns in specific ways. First I would like to propose that when we YF with the MINt for the ‘boosted’ YF rate, that it is LOCKED for the 45days. It cannot be unlocked until > 45days, then if people want to leave it in the pool (>45days), for normal YF rates for that LQ pair, they could. But the MINt is burned and the MIN is vesting to your wallet.
Next I propose that we use the MINt to MIN as a stronger tool to get people to stake, and stay staked, to the pools, long term. I think the number of MINt tokens per LP staking should be capped, say some sort of linkage to what you staked. Maybe something like 2000 MINt for every 1,000,000,000 (billion) LP tokens, with the lowest being 2000MINt can be staked with 0-1,000,000,000 tokens to ensure no one is excluded. I am suggesting this as we have a year, and we want people to add LQ and keep it in MINSWAP for a long time. I’m suggesting a ‘floor’ to try to ensure no one is excluded with smaller position sizes. Here is an example; if you only have $300 to add to a LQ pair, and you got 3800 MINt from your work on testnet and FISO, you are still included, you stake your $300 worth of cNETA/ADA, take the LP tokens, and stake those with 2000 of your MINt, wait the 45 days, reclaim your LP, use those to reclaim your tokens, then stake them again for LP tokens, and then your LP + your final 1800 MINt tokens. This has taken 90 days and you have been participating with LQ the whole 90 days. For larger investors, say they stake 15000ADA/50000 MELD, for 60,000,000,000 LP tokens, they can take their LP + (up to) 120,000 MINt and stake those for 45 days, LOCKED; then after 45days, they take their LP tokens, get their LQ pair back, and restake for the rest of their MINt, up to 120,000 each 45days.
Lastly, we need the MINSWAP team to identify the LQ pairs as soon as possible. If the pairs are only listed a week or two from when the staking for MINt-to-MIN goes live, there will be a run on those tokens and will push up the price. I KNOW people started buying up MELD and cNETA as the demand was going to spike for the MINSWAP LQ pairs, the more time the harder it is for market manipulators to hold onto the market. Please list them now so people who need/want to invest and get some diverse tokens for the LQ pairs for the MINt conversion can do so at decent rates. If you look at the 5 tokens in the 7% bracket, you can see them all climbing since the announcement. If you can give people a month, that’s tougher for whales to hold onto the market for. I didn’t participate in all the LQ pairs I wanted to, because of the price hike, and the worry that the price had artifically been pumped for the MINSWAP launch. I heard traders buying 40-50K worth of those tokens just to sell this last week for 20-30% higher. That just hurts MINSWAP loyal LQ providers and announcing them early doesn’t harm anything, that I’m aware of.