MinWallet mobile version no withdrawal option, no coin withdrawal button, please help!

please tell me why in my MinWallet wallet on the Minswap exchange there is no possibility to withdraw coins to other wallets and there is no withdrawal button ??

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My question as well… When will we get a send/withdraw button on the minwallet? These are very basic functions… Why put this option in when its not fully functional.

I think the functionality ‘as is’ is pretty cool. I think their main goal was to allow people to utilize MinSwap via mobile devices. If you connect the same wallet on MinWallet with your Yoroi, Nami, Eternl utilizing your 24 word recovery phrase then you can do all your ADA sending between wallets there.

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Ive hear that but dont know the processes, might you be able give me a general step by step? Just never dine this sort of thing before. Ty in advance!!

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I’d recommend doing this on Eternl wallet (formerly CCVault) vs other wallets like Nami or Yoroi personally. You can google Eternl or you can take my link here (always verify yourself but this is the right link for your own safety).

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer
  • Download the Eternl Chrome Extension (Eternl/cc - Chrome Web Store)
  • Open the extension on Chrome after downloaded.
  • On the Eternl chrome extension page in chrome, click the ‘Add Wallet’ button on the top left-hand side of your browser and then click ‘Restore Wallet’ (image below).
  • Click the ‘24 words’ seed phrase restore option (if you have your seed phrase when you created your MinWallet).
  • Enter your 24 word phrase in the correct order and then click ‘Continue’ (image below)
  • This should create a duplicate of your MinWallet within Eternl (you can interact with any Dapp sites using this Eternl wallet as well).
  • Now you can send ADA too or from this wallet while still using MinWallet on mobile. Expands the list of DeFi sites you can use on your computer (CNFT.io, SundaeSwap, JPG.Store, etc…) besides just MinSwap.
  • Recommend you set collateral and turn this on in the settings page, just as you would or need to with MinWallet.

Hope this helps!

Thank you… i will try!!