Possible to display Impermanent Loss Calculations in the Farming Windows while I'm staked?

Is it possible to display the exact impermanent loss calculation as a live feed for each persons LP position?


You can view your liquidity, even if you are farming with your LP tokens. How much ADA you have in liquidity for a token basically tells you how much IL you’ve had. The more the ADA goes down, the more IL

For the example of an ADA/MIN pool, how do we calculate how much ADA and how much MIN we have from the LP value? Is there an equation we can use? I probably can just withdraw LP and swap back to native tokens, but I don’t want to stop my yield farming.

Another similar post said we can find it in the Trade tab, but looking at the GUI, it’s not obvious to me to see how to convert LP back to ADA and MIN.

AH! Gonna answer my own question here. If you go to Liquidity->Your Liquidity in the menu bar, it will show you all the LP you have in each of your farms. If you click on each entry it will show you your pooled ADA and pooled MIN.

I had clicked on this before but it came up blank, I guess you have to wait a little longer for it to update. Happy yield farming everyone!

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It would still be helpful though to display the original amounts deposited, as a baseline to determine your IL.


I’ve got to agree. If you could easily see what you invested initially and your current liquidity, it would make it much easier to visualize IL. I’m sure a feature like this will be added in the future, possibly a portfolio view, but definitely want to push for this sooner rather than later.

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When we get together whit several LP in our wallet , how will we know which is which if it seems that they are written in Chinese , it would not be possible to put a label on them to identify them in case we wanted to move them of wallet?