Proposal: Add NTX and MIN Yield Farming for the NTX/ADA Pool

Description of NuNet
Hello Minswap Community,

NuNet is a decentralized cloud computing platform that allows anyone to sell the computing power of their device or utilize this power to run applications such as machine learning algorithms. Transactions to trade this computing power are carried out with NuNet’s utility token, NTX.

NuNet started on Ethereum as a spinoff of the SingularityNET AI project, and has bridged its token to Cardano, along with SingularityNET’s AGIX, using the recently released ERC20 Converter. NuNet is now ready to begin building liquidity for its token on Cardano so that it can be easily obtained to purchase computing power. We propose to provide yield farming for our token pair to incentivize users to provide additional liquidity.

For more information, see our article on How NuNet Will Help Cardano Stay Decentralized.

The audits for NTX can be found here. The Canonical LLC audit pertains to NTX, though it only mentions AGIX, as the two policies were audited together.

NTX has about 4000 holders across Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Cardano. Full tokenomics information for NTX, including vesting, can be found here.

Proposal Summary
NuNet will offer 1.25 million NTX spread over 6 months for yield farming.

You can learn more about NuNet through the following links:












Thank you for expanding your exposure to some of us who love Cardano and don’t use Sundaeswap.

Minswap has done an amazing job being quiet and getting things done. They didn’t start with all the hype from Cardano “influencers” but at least they kept building.

I fully support NuNet on Minswap!


Yes! This is a great idea and I fully support it! Love SingularityNet and NuNet and I am so happy that you guys are finally on Cardano.


NuNet just secured funding for it to add support for users to provide their GPU processing power to the network. It got 364 million ADA votes, the most out of any proposal in Cardano’s Catalyst Fund 8!