Proposal to Optimize Liquidity & Capital in the MIN/ADA Pool

True, and @Ch_cken point that staking could be a catalyst to suck some MIN from MIN-ADA pool is valid, but it depends on external factors (volume up) to happen. Incentivizing staking with extra MIN would accelerate this process, reducing MIN-ADA farm attractiveness, locking some MIN in already staking locked rewards.

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Risk here is a dump, if we remove farming from MIN-ADA completely, many will just sell their MIN to ADA abruptly, a slow process of desincentivising would be less risky.

Hi. I don’t like very much to “artificially” reduce the ADA MIN pool. I d rather work in increasing the appeal of stacking by increasing rewards and furthermore by flexibilizing a little more how it works. Right now the rewards for lping are caught instantlly while for stacking they are stored for a loong time with no use for the stacker. May be by setting a mechanism where you can claim part of the rewards or automatically swap rewards for more MIN to be stacked could be a good option as it was proposed.

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i am of the short and sharp correction persuasion rather than prolonging the pain, there are interventions that can be done to support the price in the meantime.

suck some MIN from MIN-ADA pool is valid but not to much :slight_smile: . i think this pool will have a great utility for the futur stable swap and roaming feature between pool.

  1. can we make premium fonctionnality for min holder in mindswap V2 ? when you hold 5000 min you access level 1 / 1000 min = level 2 etc… It could incentivising holding long term and ad utility.
  2. When we swap, can we pass throught min-ada pool ? it will generate buy presure.
    i’m sure the answer is not only one but multiple adjustment

I think there will be a PRO version of Minswap V2, but not sure if it will be free to use or it will have conditions to access. If gated, I would prefer a minimum staked $min would be the ideal condition.

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