Swapping Fee Ada-Meld

I just recently deposited 9 Ada to my Miniswap Address. I wanted to swap my 9 Ada to Meld. When I tried to swap my 9 Ada I received a error stating I had a insufficient balance. So I lowered the amount of Ada in the swap to 8, then 7, 6, and so on. So I was only able to swap 3.7 Ada(somewhere around there), and there was a price impact of 0.1% it read(Good). Price impact was around $0.01. So I made the swap, and a minute or so later I looked into my wallet, and had received my meld=89, but noticed my overall Ada balance to be 3.9 as the finishing result. So I was curious how I lost 1.4 Ada. I attached a screenshot of the transaction which shows a batcher fee of 2 Amp which is nothing. A small Ada fee of 0.01, and a deposit Ada of 2. Obviously a pretty huge fee for very little. Shows as a small impact %, but clearly wasn’t as small as I anticipated. I’m guessing this deposit fee is something that is held indefinitely?! Is this where the 1.4 ada went? Is a deposit returned? So I deposit in to make a transaction, and pay almost half?! Please feel free to give me some feedback. The price impact should include all fees with a finalized $ amount at the bottom, not showing a swap and loss in value to be $0.01, it should include any, and all fees. This would be much more clear, and less costly for a new user. Thanks!

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