Transaction Failed Error "UTxO Balance Insufficient"

Hi guys, I’ve been in the crypto space for about a year and am studying blockchain at university so I have a theoretical grasp of the technology. This past month I’ve been doing my first bit of staking/yield farming to learn more and improve my game.

I’ve recently deployed Ada into Minswap farms, which went through fine. I Zapped into ADA-NMKR and ADA-MIN, getting my LP tokens and staking them easily enough. My problem has come after trying to zap-in to the ADA-PAVIA farm, and also harvest from my NMKR and NAM farms.

I keep getting the error:
Unexpected error value: “UTxO Balance Insufficient”

I’m using Nami wallet, and already have the LP tokens for the ADA-PAVIA farm.
Here’s the wallet screenshot: Screenshot - 28a718f1c80f9984a0775fa229fa3b98 - Gyazo

Is anyone else having this issue and can anyone help me solve it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am also facing the same issue. ADA-NMKR pair. Really looking forward to any solution to this.

@Hex try adding more ADA to the min wallet? Perhaps that would work? Please let me know what happens.


You need more ADA, pls keep in mind that when you have assets like say NFTs they do lock in some ADA. And also pls pay attention to 2 ADA fee + 2 ADA batcher fee.