What is everyone doing with their rewards?/Discussion, Decentralization, Cardano

not financial advice, just a hairless monkey getting some conversation going so that this decentralized movement doesn’t fade away.

I converted most of my $MINt to $MIN, provided liquidity with the rest. the MIN am keeping cold.

Also, while the network is so congested, what’s everyone been up to? Been beautiful down here in Texas, so we’ve been enjoying time in the hills, photography ventures for my next NFT series upcoming.

What would you do given free time and clear mind, full wallet?


How did you convert mint to min?

Sounds like a good life you’re enjoying in Texas. I’m here in Virginia trying to ride out this winter at low/mid 30s degree temperature. It’s getting warmer though :smiley:

I got some $MIN as reward staking VyFi NFT and have been LP staking them on Sundae Swap. I don’t know anywhere else to stake them.

Anyone know when MinSwap will offer $MIN staking? LP staking or just normal $MIN staking.

Where do you stake your $MIN?

i think the only way is to swap on muesliswap…both are available

Why did you convert $MINt to $MIN?

Did you swap trade them or convert them by adding liquidity on Minswap?