ADD COPI (Cornucopias) - ADA Pair to Yield Farming

I’m already in the LP so perfectly natural to farm it too.

Great Idea. I’m looking forward for farming the pair ADA/COPI :star_struck:

Great idea this would be amazing to farm it. I cannot wait!!

Great idea, 100% behind it. Let’s go!

It’s great that the COPI community is excited about wanting a Minswap farm. However, I’d like to hear from current Minswap farm holders, as well! I hold no COPI, and I don’t intend to, but I want to see Minswap’s user count grow over time, and to do that, we will need to add more farms. What do the rest of you think? I’m currently neutral on this proposal.

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Let’s get COTI on MINSWAP farms ASAP! Gona be a great benefit for our future on Cardano.

Great idea. There is already Pavia/ADA farm, so there definitely should be COPI/ADA too.

agreed with you mate cornucopias is a best project

i aupport that 100% :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Great idea. I’d definitely farm.

Absolutely…I support this proposal…this is a no brainer :slight_smile:

I support this proposal too.

As a holder of COPI and a user of miniswap, I would be really keen for COPI yield farming!

Sorry if the question appears silly but I looked at the project and I am trying to understand how many Copis are issued on each blockchain (BSC and Cardano). I may be wrong but from what I can see the price on Minswap seems to be almost double the price on the BSC blockchain.
If this is the case, should this type of issue be ironed out before deciding on farming?

Chainport’s bridge between bsc and cardano will be done in 4-6 weeks. The completion of the bridge will allow the price of COPI on bsc and cardano to level out. There really isn’t any issue to iron out

Definitely interested in farming Copi on minswap.

Yes please add COPI!!

Please and thank you!

100% would love this!

There is already a Copi pool. Adding a yield farming while there is such a big price gap between the blockchains is just going to attract people who have not noticed the problems and who will be losing money to impermanent loss. It will also allow current Copi Cardano owners to get rid of their tokens at double the price and buy them back on the BSC blockchain.
I feel that this proposal should not be considered before the price gap has significantly narrowed otherwise it will just frustrate people who want to help the Minswap project…